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September 13, 2009

Festival of Faith packed with events Organizers share highlights for youth, married couples at Oct. 16-17 event Couple’s night focus: Celebration

By Frank Hannigan

As I work with engaged couples to prepare for their upcoming marriages I share some of the essentials for a lifelong, sacramental marriage. We talk about the importance of faith, prayer and communication as well as the need to spend time together, laugh and have fun to keep their new marriages strong. This is good advice, if I say so myself, for married couples of all ages.

Do you want to have more fun in your marriage? Consider joining hundreds of other married couples like you at the Catholic Festival of Faith on Oct. 17 to honor and celebrate marriage.

Memorable evening

Inspiration, entertainment, food, music and dancing are all parts of the evening we’re calling “Celebrating Marriage: An Evening to Remember.”

Beginning with Mass at 5 p.m., the evening will include a blessing of all married couples and a presentation by Former Ambassador R. James and Suzanne Nicholson. James Nicholson served as U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican from 2001 to 2004. The Nicholsons will share insights from their own marriage that you will want to hear.

Following the Nicholson’s talk will be a special presentation of the new comedy about marriage “‘Til Death Do Us Part,” written by Maripat Donovan, who co-wrote “Late Nite Catechism.” “Sister” will be sharing her hilarious lessons on the sacrament of marriage. Part of your grade will be based on classroom participation, so bring your sense of humor and be ready to spend some quality time with sister.

After “‘Til Death Do Us Part” there will be plenty of food, music and dancing to complete a great evening of inspiration and entertainment. All this, and free parking, for $70 a couple. Raffle prizes include a weeklong second honeymoon at a Palace Resort of your choice (everything included except the airfare), a luncheon for 10 at the Women’s Athletic Club in Chicago hosted by Kathleen Mc- Creary and other great prizes.

Family groups and parish groups are encouraged to come celebrate marriage Saturday evening. Parents, join with your married children and their spouses to have a great family night together. Parishes could bring together 10, 20 or more of their married couples, maybe rent a bus, and have a great time as they support the married couples of their parish.

Sign up now at or call (312) 534-8351.

Hannigan is director of Family Ministries for the archdiocese.

Youth focus: Yes, we can