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Church Clips by Dolores Madlener

Dolores Madlenera column of benevolent gossip

  • Encore! —

    Padres Plus on Parade” is coming back by popular demand. Directed by Father Ken Baker of St. John of the Cross Parish (Western Springs), it will feature singers, guitarists, pianists, comedians and tellers of tall tales, in Roman collars or wimples (just kidding). Their talents will amaze and astound at 3 p.m. April 19 on stage at St. Scholastica Academy , 7416 N. Ridge. Tickets to benefit the priests’ and religious’ retirement funds are $25. Call Norma at (773) 348-7180.
  • Red-letter day —

    Latest “tea party” protest is by pro-life advocates around the country utilizing the power of red envelopes to dispute abortion. The initiative to “send a message” to elected officials in Washington is catching on. Folks will mail empty red envelopes on March 31 to The White House or others on the Hill, writing on the back of each envelope: “This envelope represents one child who died in abortion. It is empty because that life was unable to offer anything to the world. Responsibility begins with conception.” The action is the inspiration of an evangelical gentleman. Kinko’s and the Party Store were the only outlets in my neighborhood with a few red envelopes left in stock, but you can make your own. Web site is The goal is for 50 million (the abortion toll in the U.S. since Roe) . Will our six o’clock news give us the visual the D.C. post office will get?
  • Parish potpourri —

    Fred & Ginger didn’t learn to dance at St. Gertrude’s (W. Granville), but you could. Parishioner William Bercini , professional instructor and award-winning dancer, has been helping their adults and teens learn the right moves since January. If “they know how to walk, count to six and have an open attitude,” says he. ... They are springcleaning at St. Francis Xavier Parish (Wilmette), and hosting a rummage sale 8 a.m.-1 p.m. March 28. . . . Since the 1920s St. Gabriel Theater Guild has presented a show near St. Patrick’s Day . This year it’s “ You Must Remember This ,” March 21-April 5 in the school hall, 4500 S. Wallace. For tickets, days and time, call Debbie at (773) 538-8272. . . . Caitlin Lavin Boline , who teaches fourth grade at Nativity BVM School in Bridgeport, has been crowned Chicago Gaelic Park’s Irish Fest Queen for 2009. . . . Walter F.J. Krawiec of Queen of All Saints (N. Sauganash), will share an art exhibit with the works of his illustrious parents, Harriet and Walter Krawiec . Dad was an artist in the mid- 1930s and cartoonist at The Polish Daily News , a paper founded/edited by famed Father Francis Gordon, CR . The elder Krawiec’s works were often reprinted in The New World in those early years of political unrest in Europe. The exhibit is March 20-April 4 at the Sevan Gallery , Skokie. Call (773) 784-3779.
  • Chicago connection —

    C’mere ‘til I tell ya, it’s warm and it’s Irish. “ The Quiet Man Tales ” now playing at The Chicago Theatre Downstairs (N. State), has Maureen O’Hara , star of 1952’s “The Quiet Man,” singing its praises. Adapted from Maurice Walsh’s collected stories, it showcases the stout-hearted men and women who endured Ireland’s Troubles. Here’s a great story, well written and a gifted cast. While this Smock Alley Theater Co. production deserves a better venue, it took just 15 minutes for the play’s passion and humor to become a vortex pulling the audience in. The evening also includes some Irish fiddlers, and if you know “ The Soldier’s Song ” you can sing along. We can thank Frank Mahon , cowriter/ producer, for bringing this world premiere to our city. He’s a parishioner of St. Mary’s (Evanston), and member of their church choir. “Tales” will run through May 24. Call Ticketmaster at (312) 902-1500.
  • A ‘must read’ —

    Tom McManus started playing football in fourth grade at St. Mary School (Buffalo Grove). By 1995, he was an NFL middle linebacker with the Jacksonville Jaguars, playing a major role in their “miraculous” 1996 season. McManus has his own sports talk radio show today in Jacksonville, Fla., and has just published a book, “We’ll Always Be Pals.” Those were the last words his WWII-POW /hero dad said to him before he died. An assembly at St. Mary’s at 9 a.m. March 16 will bring Tom back to his alma mater to sign autographs and tell the story of this remarkable father/son relationship. It’s open to the public and books will be available.