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Church Clips by Dolores Madlener

Dolores Madlenera column of benevolent gossip

  • Pocket full o’ savvy —

    Sharing the Pro-Life Message” is a 96-page handbook packed with all the facts, figures and reasoned arguments you need to dish the prolife message with anyone in any situation. It’s 3 ˝ inches by 5 ˝ inches so it fits in your pocket. Seven color-coded sections run from “Life in the Womb” (the gestation miracles) to “Questions of Law” (like the loophole that made abortion legal through all nine months). Compiled and published by the Pro-Life Action League , the handbook also explains the psychology of dialogue and actually uses the term “pro-choice” for abortion advocates, bypassing the debate over labels to hit the real issues. It’s available at no cost at or by calling (773) 777-2900.
  • Calling young professionals —

    If you’re in your 20s or 30s, searching for a great cause to support, and like to plan fund-raising events, The [Catholic] Guild for the Blind is currently accepting new applicants to serve on their Young Professionals Board. Call Cheryl at (312) 236-8569 or visit cherylm@guildfortheblind. org.
  • Sound of music —

    Only the Trapp Family singers also included parents. The Osmonds , Jackson Five , the Lennon Sisters — they were just the kids. Local choral director Timothy Woods is looking for families who want to sing in harmony, and he’s willing to help. This won’t be a casual pick-up choir, where anyone joins and practices for half an hour before singing. Woods says, “We plan to work well so that our sound is as excellent as possible. We plan on singing the great musical treasures of Roman Catholic and Byzantine traditions. This is an apostolate.” His goal is for the Catholic Family Choir to eventually sing for Masses, divine liturgies, evening prayers, Benedictions, as well as give concerts. The group will gather initially at 7 p.m. March 31 at the Woods’ home, 7921 W. Carrie Court, Frankfort. “You’ll decide where we practice, which parishes we wish to sing at, how often we sing, our choral uniform, and get to meet other families who take their faith seriously.” For more info, call him at (815) 806-0066 or email him at [email protected]. His Web site is
  • Fruit of the vine —

    The Vineyard Home is a permanent home for mentally handicapped adults in rural West Virginia, as well as their workplace and happy space to build relationships. It’s also the dream come true of the arch’s late Msgr. Dan Cantwell. Operating without federal or state funds, relying on their sales of wines, jelly, apple butter, chocolates and crafts, it also depends on friends. If you use the Yahoo-powered search engine and show The Vineyard Home as a designated charity, they will get a penny for each legit hit. Better yet, just send a few bucks to them at: The Vineyard Home , 101 Cantwell Court, Purgitsville, WV 26852. After 25 years its infrastructure could use a few guardian angels.
  • Parish potpourri —

    Queen of the Rosary Parish (Elk Grove Village) gave 30 happily married couples a night out with a special dinner and quiet conversation at “Table for Two,” Feb. 7 in their gym. . . . St. Anthony Parish (Roseland) celebrated President’s Day with a pie social after all Masses Feb. 15. They listed historic pie-lovers: Washington liked cherry pie; Jefferson pecan; Lincoln peach cobbler; and FDR blueberry. . . . St. Bartholomew Parish (W. Patterson) can tout five different choirs: a Spanish adult choir, Filipino choir, children’s choir, an English adult choir and a Schola. . . . St. Patrick Parish (Wadsworth) encourages families to bid on and “purchase” premium parking places at the church, which are then designated with their name on a reserved sign. . . . The Knights of Columbus at St. Viator Parish (N. Kedvale) are holding a guys’ retreat day in their Rec Center , 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. March 14, starting with coffee and rolls. Call Grand Knight Tom Kaiser at (630) 699-2079 to RSVP. . . . St. Ferdinand’s (N. Mason) annual fish fry 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Lenten Fridays adds a St. Joseph Sweet Table on March 20, an Elvis impersonator March 27 and the Easter Bunny April 3. Eat in, but if you carry out or drive-through call (773) 622-3022 between 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Fridays. . . . St. George Parish (Tinley Park) will have a 6:30 p.m. Mass each weekday of Lent. Father Blaise Coelho at the parish points out the first Eucharist was an evening meal. In Father’s home town of Bombay, India, more folks attend Mass in the evening after work than in the morning.
  • Borrowed —

    “It is easier to preach 10 sermons than it is to live one.”