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Church Clips by Dolores Madlener

Dolores Madlenera column of benevolent gossip

  • The Grinch did it —

    STOP, do not send

    cards to Walter Reed Medical Center without a soldier’s name. Since Sept. 11, 2001, mail without a specific name will be returned to sender or donated to local charities, per the Department of Defense . Thanks to several Clips readers for the verified information. However, If you have a computer there is a legitimate site called There you can choose the name/address of a real soldier who has volunteered to expedite this program. He/she will distribute your letter or card to someone in his/her unit who doesn’t get much mail. First, you supply your own name, address and e-mail address. The site answers all your questions.
  • Still walkin’ the walk —

    The Franciscan

    Missionaries of Mary , with a convent in Waukegan, have been actively ministering in the arch for the last 23 years. They recently chose a new provincial for the USA Province. She is Sister Lois Ann Pereira , who has been a teacher in Ghana/ Liberia and a provincial there as well, and has ministered in various capacities in the United States. The multicultural community, founded in 1877, has a spirituality centered on the Eucharist as they work among the needy today.
  • Onward huskies? —

    Update from Jesuit

    volunteer and former Catholic New World staffer Krissy Peterson: “Today the temperature was around 10 degrees. It has been snowing all day with a lot of wind and drifting. The sunrise was at 10:05 a.m. and sunset at 5 p.m. We had 20 people for Thanksgiving dinner, including my six roommates. It was really nice. A different type of Thanksgiving in that none of us were related, just a bunch of people who have no family here. We made the turkey and people brought food. Doing a Thanksgiving potluck is definitly the way to go.” Krissy reports tales of Bethel, Alaska, where she is spending the year as a youth minister. Bethel’s claim to fame was recently written up in the L.A. Times . With just 10 miles of paved roads, and lying 40 miles inland from the Bering Sea, it is the taxicab capital of the United States — one driver for every 62 residents.
  • Slŕinte —

    Genial Bishop Arthur O’Neill ,

    retired bishop of Rockford, and former editor of The Observer diocesan newspaper there, will celebrate his 90th birthday Dec. 14.
  • It’s no mystery —

    Holy Rosary Church

    (E. 113th St.) will build on its name with a new tradition of yearly awards to outstanding parishioners: Glorious Mysteries Award: for jubilantly proclaiming the glory of God in her life, given in 2007 to Johanna Curtis; Joyful Mysteries Award: for praising the Lord through music and song, to Mary Ann Kopchak; Sorrowful Mysteries Award: to Alvera Henderson, for providing comfort and compassion to those suffering and in need; the Mysteries of Light Award, to Robert Norfleet, whose spirit and dedication reveal the presence of God; and the Holy Rosary Award to Annie Price, for her dedication to her church and her effort to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to her family, friends and neighbors.
  • ‘Stay awake’—

    Kolbe House , the arch’s

    jail ministry, has an Advent e-mail retreat. On Wednesdays participants will receive a short reflection by one of the jail chaplains, a suggested action and a prayer. Anyone can take part. Send an e-mail to [email protected]. Your e-mail address will not be shared with anyone and no one will ask for a donation.
  • ‘The Season of Love’ —

    Also known

    as “ Christmas with the Daughters of St. Paul,” is their 2007 Christmas album — 15 carols/songs, some classic, like “O Holy Night,” but many refreshingly new, like “ Candlelight Carol” and “Step into Christmas.” It’s $16.95, at Pauline Books & Media, 172 N. Michigan Ave.; or call (312) 346-4228.
  • Christmas sounds —

    Snowcarols” is

    the kind of CD you put on softly if you just want to relax by the fire, but you may not slumber. This large-scale work has the 29-voice William Ferris Chorale backed by an 18-piece chamber orchestra and organist Paul Nicholson . Ferris began composing Snowcarols during Chicago’s blizzard of ’79, so along with quietude, there are also kettle drums, gongs and cymbals, you know — like a snowstorm. He adapted scriptural passages as simple as “Hail Mary” and faith-filled poetry, to wrap in his soaring melodies. The must-read liner notes also contain the lyrics. This world premiere 14- track CD is directed by Paul French who succeeded Ferris as the chorale’s conductor. From Cedille Records, $12.80 + shipping, (773) 989-2515, or
  • Parish potpourri —

    Our Lady of the

    Snows Parish (S. Leamington) celebrated its first Spanish Mass this fall, scheduled at 7 p.m. each Sunday. . . . Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dillon , St. Vincent DePaul parishioners (W. Webster) celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary Nov. 29 with their 13 children and grandchildren. . . . St. John Fisher Parish (S. Washtenaw) flies American flags from the parish flag pole, lent by families of veterans. Currently they are flying the flag honoring the service of the dad of pastor Father Bob Kyfes . . . . St. Dorothy (S. Eberhart) parishioners celebrated Black Catholic History Month during November by wearing some piece of African garb to Masses each weekend, whether a stole a kofi, vest or an entire ensemble. . . . St. Alphonsus (W. Wellington) is publishing memories of parishioners in its Sunday bulletins to mark its 125th anniversary year. A 1940s student recently recounted the fun of once diagramming a complex/compound sentence in class that stretched across the whole blackboard. Ah, such exuberance, when school wasn’t “boring.”