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12/24/00 Chicago y Mexico: fraternidad y colaboración
Over two hundred pilgrims from Chicago celebrated the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Dec. 12, at the basilica in Mexico City, near the spot where the Blessed Virgin appeared to a Mexican named Juan Diego in 1531.

12/17/00 How God Works to Set Everyone Free...
Towards the end of this year of Jubilee, the celebrations for particular groups are coming quickly one after another, reminding us of the universality of God’s grace, which transforms all sectors of human society.

12/10/00 Praying for the Peace of Jerusalem God has been uniquely present in the history of the human race in events that took place in the land now ruled by the state of Israel and the Palestinian authority. The Holy Land is paradoxically both a place often visited by violence and yet the symbol of a peace this world cannot give.

12/03/00 Love beyond the grave: praying and giving
Death does not create a barrier higher than love’s reach. In the love of the risen Christ, even death no longer totally divides those who live here fully integrated with their body and those who, before the resurrection, do not.

11/19/00 A funny thing happened on the way to the polls …
Nov. 9, in the Church’s year of grace, is the annual liturgical celebration of the anniversary of the dedication of the Cathedral of Rome, St. John Lateran.

11/05/00 Pastoring with Courage and Prudence: how would Jesus do it?
ABC’s Nightline last week devoted two programs to a story from St. Nicholas Parish in Evanston. A young man of the parish shot and killed another young man.

10/29/00 St. Thomas More: law, politics and conscience
St. Thomas More (1478-1535), Lord Chancellor of England and martyr for the Catholic faith, has been for many years the patron saint of lawyers. As a saint, he was also a master of that difficult moral terrain where law meets conscience.

10/22/00 World Mission Sunday 2000: Who’s hearing the call?
This past week, Rome hosted a World Mission Congress, sponsored by the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples.

10/15/00 Penance, Mission, Mary: the Jubilee for Bishops
Group after group has come together this Holy Year in order to bring to their particular state of life the graces of the Jubilee. 

10/01/00 The face of evil: Demons and death
I guess I should write about exorcism, given the play it’s received this past week.

09/17/00 Unity: in Society and in the Lord
September is Unity Month in Chicago.

09/03/00 World Youth Day, 2000: Jesus Christ, Yesterday, Today and Forever
Listening to two million young people sing “Jesus Christ, you are my life” at the closing Mass for the jubilee for youth (Rome, Aug. 15-20) was the real start of the new Millennium for me.

08/20/00 Pastoral charity, medical care and the AIDS epidemic
The National Catholic HIV/AIDS Ministry held its annual conference in Chicago at the end of July.

08/06/00 The ecumenical movement and changes in the Church
In Denver a couple of weeks ago, the Episcopal Church’s representatives in convention voted to enter into a formal alliance with the members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.

07/23/00 The Body of Christ and the ministry of historical reconciliation
On the morning of the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ, June 25, I celebrated Mass at Holy Trinity Church, which serves Polish-speaking Catholics, many of them immigrants.

07/09/00 Jubilee for Prisoners: freedom and the ninth of July
Reconciliation and the freedom it brings are the heart of this Jubilee year. In the middle of the year, July 9 has been designated by the Pope as the Jubilee for prisoners.

06/25/00 Rome’s International Eucharistic Conference and Chicago’s Field of Faith
Archbishop Edward Egan, born in Oak Park but most recently the Bishop of Bridgeport, Connecticut, was installed as Archbishop of New York on June 19.

05/28/00 The Globe: Up here and down under
About a year ago, the Justice and Peace Commission of the Australian Bishops’ Conference invited me to spend the week of May 21 in their country.

05/14/00 Mother’s Day/ Women’s Day/ Dorothy Day
Cardinal John O’Connor, the Archbishop of New York, was buried on May 8 from St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

05/07/00 Easter time and Jubilee: preparing for Corpus Christi
A new evangelization and renewed charity are the goals of the jubilee celebration this year.

04/30/00 Divine Mercy Sunday: the canonization of Sr. Faustina Kowalska
The Second Sunday of Easter has come to be called Divine Mercy Sunday by Catholics who believe that in 1937 Christ asked a Polish woman religious, Sr. Faustina Kowalska, to begin a novena on Good Friday and pray for God’s mercy for a different group of people each day until the Second Sunday of Easter.

04/23/00 Eucharist and Hope: the life of the Church
Into our minds and hearts in Holy Week enter the ordained priesthood, the Holy Eucharist, and the pledge of glory yet to come.

04/16/00 Jesus: born of a woman, crucified and risen
If one goes to Mass daily during Lent, which Catholics often try to do, the Scripture readings for each day’s Eucharistic liturgy bring one into the dynamics of sin and forgiveness in order to allow one to enter more deeply into the mystery of Christ’s death for our salvation.

04/09/00 Lent: a season for fasting and giving alms
St. Peter Chrysologus, a fifth century Italian bishop, tells us that: “Fasting is the soul of prayer; mercy is the lifeblood of fasting. If we have not all three together, we have nothing.” As we learn to pray more intensely in and for the world this Lent, we accept also the disciplines of fasting and almsgiving as necessary parts of marking this season of penance.

04/02/00 Lent: a season for prayer in and for the world
Lent is a season for more intense prayer, and prayer is conversation with God. But how can one speak to and with God in and for a world that has “come of age” by declaring independence from God?

03/26/00 Religion in Politics: playing the anti-Catholic card
I’m writing this on St. Patrick’s Day. A few years back, a clever little volume called “How the Irish Saved Civilization” was being read with a great deal of satisfaction by all those with a few drops of Irish blood, and the author has since followed up with a book or two about other nationalities

03/19/00 The Sins of the Church: God’s forgiveness and human memories
Last year, when I joined the congregation of Temple Shalom, the historic synagogue on Lake Shore Drive, for Sabbath prayer, we prayed together for “this holy congregation”.

03/12/00 The Decalogue: Commandments and Conscience
Because of well-publicized outbreaks of violence not only in the streets but also in some schools, a movement to post the Ten Commandments in school corridors or classrooms has taken hold in some states.

03/05/00 The Cardinal I Never Knew: George Mundelein
Last week saw the second anniversary of my being named a Cardinal by Pope John Paul II. The day passed quietly, but it was for me a moment to consider the office itself and to think a bit about my predecessors, especially one who was styled, “the first Cardinal of the West.”

02/27/00 The Progeny of Abraham: Jews, Christians and Muslims
Unable to visit Iraq this year, Pope John Paul II, while remaining in the Vatican on February 23, led a spiritual pilgrimage to Ur of the Chaldeans, the place of origin of the Patriarch Abraham. The site of ancient Ur, called today Tal al Muqayyar, is in southern Iraq and was to have been the first goal of the papal pilgrimages during this Jubilee Year.

02/13/00 Artists and the Faith: Is God Beautiful?
Often enough we say that God is good or that God is truthful. Not too often do we hear that God is beautiful. God’s beauty, apart from consideration of the physical features of the Son of God become man, has to be different from physical beauty. There is a splendor about the mysteries of faith, however, that leads mystics in particular to experience in some fashion the beauty of God himself.

02/06/00 The Passing of Time
The millennium celebrations so much in the news at the New Year marked a moment in human history, but birthday celebrations mark moments in personal time. A couple of weeks ago, as I celebrated my birthday with some of my family, I read Pope John Paul’s recent letter to the elderly.

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