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Issue of September 12 – 25

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Superintendent: For 2010-2011 our focus is on ‘faith, academic achievement and vitality’

My sister’s alert black Labrador eyed me intently. “Do you have ideas for a back to school article?” I queried. Like a summer-imbued youngster, her dog-eyes immediately glazed over and she collapsed into a sleeping position.

First day at new Frassati Academy

Frassati Catholic Academy in Wauconda opened its doors for the first time Aug. 23. The school is sponsored by three parishes: Santa Maria del Popolo in Mundelein, St. Mary of the Annunciation in Fremont Center and Transfiguration in Wauconda.

Under new management

For 16 Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Chicago, the 2010-2011 school year opened on a different note.

For the first time, they are not under the direct control of their parishes. Instead, the so-called “board-initiative” schools.


They came to help St. Patrick’s high school and stayed 150 years

Christian Brothers arrived in Chicago in 1856 and have influenced many since

In the summer of 1861, Father Dennis Dunne, pastor of Old St. Patrick’s Parish found himself at an uncomfortable crossroads.

The Holy Cross Fathers, directors of the parish’s makeshift school since 1856, departed, leaving the pastor and his parish without an educational staff. With parish parents and children, largely a collection of Irish immigrants, desiring education, Dunne turned to an academic-minded religious order then-unknown to Chicago — the Christian Brothers — for a solution.

Schools get new leaders

Principals, presidents take over reins

Roughly three dozen Catholic elementary and high schools in the Archdiocese of Chicago have new administrators this year.

St. John Bosco touched her life

Don Bosco has a very positive impact on me in the way that I view church and religion. Before attending St. John Bosco Parish in Chicago I did belong to another local parish. However, I wasn’t as involved in parish activities.

Inquiry-based learning flowing into Catholic schools

The co-principal of St. Agnes of Bohemia School, 2643 S. Central Park Ave., Meghan Hurley Gibbs observed her young, energetic and idealistic staff slowly introduce inquirybased learning into the classroom.

Taking marriage prep to the young adults online

Family Ministries Office responding to need for webbased program

Most people know that to be married in the Catholic Church, a couple must go through some form of marriage preparation, known as PreCana counseling.

Local groups receive Operation Rice Bowl grants

Forty-one local groups received grants from Catholic Relief Services 2010 Operation Rice Bowl. Each grant totaled $1,164.78 and was awarded through the archdiocese’s Office for Peace and Justice and its Catholic Relief Services office.

CCHD distributes annual grants to 21 groups

Grant list this year includes a new emphasis on pro-life projects

Forty years ago, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development began its mission of breaking the cycle of poverty and educating Catholics about the causes and effects of being poor.

Family Promise finds room at the inn at area churches

When Barbara Mott and her husband stayed overnight with three homeless families at Grace Lutheran Church, she got a new appreciation for what the families were going through.

Music director builds community, finds own faith

In mid-2006, Father Wayne Watts, the pastor at St. John Berchmans, 2519 W. Logan Blvd., sought to fill his parish’s vacant musical director post. Jacob Bancks walked into an interview with Watts convinced he had no shot.

Delicate debate

Theologian William E. May explains nuances of tough contraception issues on the eve of Respect Life Month

It is well known that the Catholic Church condemns contraception as a gravely immoral intrinsically evil act, never to be freely chosen under any circumstances. Unfortunately the very good reasons why the church so teaches are not well known — but this is not the place to give them.

Film: Abortion business thrives on ‘Blood Money’

Alveda King narrates documentary about tragedy of the issue

Blood Money: The Business of Abortion” is a much-needed and thorough examination of the history, industry, personal impact and human toll of abortion in America. Who should see this? Everyone. Age-appropriateness? High school and up. No gruesome photos, but former abortionists and post-abortive women do describe abortion procedures and procedures gone (very) wrong.

Church Clips: A Column of Benevolent Gossip

‘Into the Light’ — Chiara Luce Badano will be beatified in Rome Sept. 25. Her recognized miracle was the healing of a little boy dying from meningitis last year. A first book about her story can be read in one evening, “Chiara Luce: A Life Lived to the Full.”
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The Family Room by Michelle Martin

School started again this year. That seems like writing, “The sun came up in the east.” What else would it do?
In a lot of ways, it was a non-event. There were no momentous firsts in our family this year, no one starting preschool or kindergarten or first grade or middle school, no one going to a new school or graduating from an old one.
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News Digest

5 Minutes with Father

He is: Father William Eddy, pastor of St. Hilary Parish on the North Side. Ordained at St. Mary of the Lake Seminary in 1975.
Family life: “My dad owned a gasoline station. One was at Laflin and 87th Street (near the old Melody Lane), and later, one at 87th and Cicero. My mom managed currency exchanges in South Chicago. I have two sisters, one older and one younger.
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